77: Christmas Rush

December 14, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

Forgive the terrible photograph. Snapped a picture when it was dark outside and dark inside the apartment.

Every night I’m huddled up focusing on finishing up the gift knitting. I admit that it’s fun in a sadistic way – of forcing myself to knit when I don’t want to knowing that time’s running out.

I don’t even want to think about what I have to knit and finish before the big reveal day. One project at a time…

76: Mini-sweaters

December 13, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

Okay I am so in love with the mini-sweaters. After finishing the mittens for R, I thought about what to do with the little scraps. A fair isle cup holder? Save it for a leftover scrap scarf? Or use them as scrap yarn when casting on with a provisional cast on?

Then while browsing Ravelry looking at projects made with tiny amount of yarns I spotted a pattern for a tiny sweater. I was sold.

I had so much fun knitting a little sweater that I cast on immediately for an another one. Then one more. Then one more with sock scraps.

I think that I found a holiday project to do every year. They are perfect as gift tags. Or even to decorate a tree.

Isn’t this a freaking awesome sweater?

December 12, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

74: Party

December 11, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

What does Christmas mean to me? A time to get together with good friends. Talk about good times and bad times. Catch up with friends that one haven’t seen in weeks. Maybe giggle over silly stuff.

A season of merriment.

December 10, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

72: Christmas Tree Lane

December 9, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

Well, we finally did it. We finally went and saw a tourist sight- Christmas Tree Lane.

At first, I found this to be disappointing. I guess that I was expecting to be dazzled with light displays, candy canes hanging from the trees, fake icicles dripping from the trees, and maybe one Peanut character waving at us from one lawn. A garish Santa Claus.

But as I wandered down the lane (street?) I started to appreciate the simplicity of it. Just lights on the trees. No clashing or neon lights. Or blazing displays of Noel. No dancing Santa or glittering snowglobes.

A simple display. That is all I needed.


71: Utterly charmed

Dec 8, originally uploaded by tiphanieverde.

I am utterly charmed by this little sweater I just finished knitting. Isn’t this the sweetest thing ever? Cabled too!

Last week I finished knitting three mittens with andean silk leftovers. I still got a bag full of little balls and scraps so I thought that I would get on Ravelry and look at some possibilities. Then I spotted a mini-sweater pattern.

I couldn’t resist the call of a tiny cabled sweater. It was the most fun knitting I had in a long, long time. I want to knit twenty more! I can see myself knitting several tiny sweaters each year and attaching them as tags on gifts. Or even keeping the best of the lot and putting them up on my tree. Maybe even string them across a room…or a window…


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